Ram Kumari Jhakri is a Nepalese politician and secretary of Communist Party of Nepal. She is also the current Minister of Urban Development. She currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives. She supports reservation for women in the civil service.

A social media user shared a photo of an under-construction house linking it to Minister Ram Kumari claiming the construction of the house is unfinished as ministerial post has been taken away from Ram Kumari Jhakri.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source


Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we performed a reverse image search of the shared picture and found the shared picture was listed on several Construction companies’ websites and Facebook pages for architectural design reference.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

(Screenshot from MakeMyHouse website)

In order to check the claim of dismissal of Ram Kumari Jhakri we checked the list of current ministers listed on the Government of Nepal website and found that Ram Kumar Jhakri is currently serving as Minister of Urban Development. On 27th April 2022 Ram Kumari was accused over the poll code violation but was not dismissed.


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(Screenshot from Government of Nepal website)

(Screenshot from Online Khabar news website)





Misleading/False Context



Our fact-check confirmed that the shared picture claiming that an under-construction house belongs to Jhakri and the claim about her dismissal from office are misleading and false.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent social media accounts on Facebook are involved in spreading disinformation.
Behavior The false news of Nepalese minister’s incomplete house is being circulated on social media. 
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeThe pictures of the house are not edited or forged, but the under-construction house has no links with Ram Kumari Jhakri. Misinformation was spread on Facebook mainly followed by Twitter and other social media platforms.