A social media user posted a picture of a post from page “Beautiful China” with the following claim:

 “The picture of the Jamuna (Bangabandhu) bridge built by the South Korean Hyundai Company has been called the Padma bridge.”

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source




Fact Check

A Facebook page called Beautiful China, run by two Bangladeshi admins, posted a photo of the Jamuna Bridge claiming to be the Padma Bridge. However, no such thing was found in any Chinese/Bangla Major Media Outlets.

(Screenshot from Facebook page)

The main contractor for the construction of the main bridge of the Padma Bridge project was the Chinese contractor named China Major Bridge Engineering Construction Company limited. The government has announced the inauguration of the Padma Bridge on 25th June 2022.

(Screenshot from Wikipedia)

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Reverse image search revealed that the shared picture is of Bangabandhu Bridge taken on 12th June 2022 by Professional Photographer Wasif Kabir.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)








Our fact-check confirmed that a Facebook page controlled from Bangladesh published pictures of the Jamuna Bridge (Bangabandhu Bridge) claiming it to be the Padma Bridge. These pictures being spread through social media are misleading masses that China has built the country’s longest bridge.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorAn independent Facebook page with a huge number of followers is involved in spreading disinformation.
BehaviorMisleading false claim was made through social media accounts.
ContentSocial Media post.
DegreeThe Facebook page, which is dedicated to China, made a false claim by wrongly associating bridge construction with China. The post was an effort to manipulate the Bengalis and have a positive impression of China.
EffectFalse claims and hoaxes are misleading the general public and creating chaos.