A video was widely shared on social media from India showing visuals of flood in Karachi, Pakistan. The caption reads as: “Terrible flood situation in Pakistan!! God have mercy.” Debunked Source https://www.facebook.com/abhram.abhi.7/videos/1213391439233697 https://www.facebook.com/prty.roy.31508/videos/393097912937963 Fact-check In order to verify the claim, we extracted keyframes performed a reverse image search of the shared video. Reverse image search […]

A twitter user @Arman_Pashtun from Pakistan shared three pictures on 9th April, 2022, with hashtag #StopHarassingAfghanRefugeesInIran, claiming that Afghan migrants are being mistreated and beaten up by the Iranian Armed Forces which is a violation of basic human rights. The same images were posted from multiple accounts on Twitter, their links are given below: https://twitter.com/iihtishamm/status/1512604265101115403 […]