India’s Supreme court judges Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala, chaired a hearing requested by suspended Bharatiya Janata Party’s representative Nupur Sharma. “This lady alone is answerable for what’s going on in the country. Nupur Sharma ought to show up on TV and apologize genuinely to the whole country”, the Supreme Court had censured Nupur Sharma.

After this comment of the Supreme Court, many communicated their disappointment via online platforms. The Supreme Court as well as Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala were criticized for the judgment. Presently in this setting, it is being circulated in the social media that the Supreme Court has changed its decision with regards to Nupur Sharma. It is guaranteed that the comments made by the Supreme Court on Nupur Sharma were the judge’s private belief and that these comments were rejected from the judgment.

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There was a big controversy after Nupur Sharma’s controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad. Many Arab countries had expressed displeasure with India regarding this. In the country too, cases were filed against Nupur Sharma at different places in different states. A petition was filed in the Supreme Court by Nupur Sharma for the demand that all these cases should be combined and heard in Delhi. This petition was rejected by the court.

The observations made by the Supreme Court while hearing Nupur Sharma’s petition were merely verbal. The court’s written order did not include this comment by Justices Suryakant and JB Pardiwala. So, there is no question of changing it. Moreover, no information about any of the two judges withdrawing their comments has come to the fore.








Our fact-check confirmed that the Supreme court bench did not make any written statement, it was a verbal petition. No official news about any of the two judges withdrawing their comments was reported. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent social media accounts on Twitter are involved in circulating fake news.
Behavior Fake news of supreme court judges excluding their remarks about Nupur Sharma was circulated. 
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeTargeted audience were supporters of Nupur Sharma who were enraged by Supreme court remarks. Disinformation was circulated widely on Twitter. No synthetic means were used to make content viral. 
Effect Nupur Sharma supporters celebrated the news, congratulated each other and sent more power to Nupur Sharma affirming their support.