A Facebook Page shared a picture on 15th April, 2022, showing a woman writing “Sheikh Hasina is a Vote Thief” in Bengali language on a chart. The post was shared multiple times on social media platforms which ignited a new debate amongst her supporters and the opposition party supporters.

(Screenshot from the Facebook post)
(Translated Image)

Debunked Source




Fact Check

Using AI assisted tools we did a reverse image search and found that the picture dates back to 14th April, 2014 taken on an occasion of Bengali New Year; Bangabda.

(Screenshot of reverse image search on Google)
(Screenshot from womeneye24 website article)

The original picture was taken on the eve of Bengali new year, the last month of the year is called “Chaitra” and as per Hindu calendar the day is considered as Sankranti of Mahavishnu, on this day Hindus also perform holy bath. The original picture was edited and ‘Chaitra Sankranti’ was replaced with “Sheikh Hasina is a vote thief”.

During forensic analysis of the image, discarded Adobe profile was also found in the edited image.

(Screenshot from our forensic analysis)








Our research confirmed that the picture is being shared with a false context to malign the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh Hasina Sheikh. It was a misleading post to accuse Hasina Sheikh for vote theft and defame her.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor Facebook page with huge number of followers is disseminating fake news against the current prime minister of Bangladesh; Sheikh Hasina.
Behavior An old picture which was taken on eve of Bengali new year was edited, the original text was replaced with “Sheikh Hasina is a vote thief.”
ContentFacebook post.
DegreeThe target      audience of this post was Bengali and other people, the purpose of disseminating this fake news was to portray Sheikh Hasina a vote thief.
Effect The post caused anger among supporters and followers of Sheikh Hasina and gave birth to heated argument between her supporters and opposition supporters.

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