A report has recently been circulating on social media claiming that Nepal Police has opened recruitment of 118,000 temporary police personnel for the upcoming election. We carried out digital forensic analysis and investigated the news to verify the claim made by social media user.

(Screenshot from the Facebook post)
(Notification of recruiting police personnel)

Debunked Source





Fact Check

Using AI Assisted Tools we did a reverse image search of the posted image and found the original image[1] which dates back to Nepalese year 2074 (2010).

[1] https://web.archive.org/web/20180903010352/https:/nepalpolice.gov.np/images/documents/updates/myadi-police-2074-06-24.PDF

(Screenshot from the Nepali police government website)
(English translation of original text from Google)

The information uses both English numerals and Nepali numerals. In the information, the year 2078 and demand police number is 118,000 in English and the rest of the numbers are in Nepali.

In order to verify the above-mentioned job vacancy, we checked for official website of Nepal Police and found that the vacancy is different from the above-mentioned screenshot.

(Screenshot from the official website of Nepal Police)

We also found that Nepal Police had released a Press Release terming the information as Fake.

(Screenshot from the Facebook post)


Press release

As it has been found on social media that information regarding the recruitment of “temporary police” required for security for the local level election 2079 has been posted on the social media, we would like to inform that such information has not been published/disseminated by the Police Headquarters so far. We would also like to inform you about the required periodical police recruitment information to be published on the police website and public media in the future.










Disinformation/ Forged


The government has announced local level elections on April 12. While, the Police Headquarters has published the announcement of temporary police recruitment for the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and the Provincial Council. According to the police, temporary police is being recruited for the 2078 House of Representatives and State Assembly elections. No election has been declared in 2078 BS. There are only 35 days left in this year. Then the new year 2079 begins. Posting forged notification was an effort to mislead the general public.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor     Independent social media users are circulating misleading posts.
BehaviorMisleading social media post      are posted to spread disinformation.
ContentSocial Media posts.      
DegreeFake news really speeds up the course of polarization as most social media users don’t check the validness of the data source that they view online prior to sharing it.      
Effect     The vast majority of the false claim has been on Facebook making it challenging to differentiate between fake news and genuine news for common social media users.

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