A picture was posted from Indian accounts @arti300004k& @Ishaa_Thakur on Twitter on 25th  March, 2022 with hashtag #PakistaniSharmindaHai, showing Imran Khan cutting his birthday cake with a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s Flag. Title given to picture is GDP jaye Ghaday Me Mai busy hu Birthday Me

Caption given “Pakistan is forcing to take Baluchistan which is totally unacceptable and disgusting. They must regret for doing this #PakistaniSharmindaHai”

(Screenshot from the Post)
(Screenshot from the Post)

Debunked Source:




For the past few days, a photo of Imran Khan cutting a cake is going viral in India using hashtag #PakistaniSharmindaHai.

Forensic Analysis

Poster Profile Analysis:

Twitter user @arti300004k is from Patna, India.

Timeline Graph

Originator Profile Analysis:

The hashtag was originated by Harsh Kumar Tiwari, an Indian twitter user from New Delhi.

Reverse Image Analysis:

Using AI Assisted tools we checked the image on different search engines and found that the picture is dated back to 6th  October, 2014 and was shared by several people in 2014.

(Screenshot from the Post)
(Screenshot from the Post)

Fact Check:

We found that this photo is not of current, but from the year 2014. At that time the Prime Minister of Pakistan was Nawaz Sharif. Moreover, Imran Khan’s Date of Birth is 5th  October, 1952.


Propaganda/False Information


Our forensic analysis proves that Imran Khan’s old birthday celebration pictures are being circulated on social media, which claim that the Prime minister of Pakistan does not care about the GDP of the country and is busy celebrating his birthday, is propagated by Indian social media users. The posts are misleading and disseminating false information as the picture is dated back to 6th October, 2014 when Imran Khan was not the prime minister of Pakistan. Agenda of circulating celebration pictures with such captions is to portray Imran Khan as a careless and incompetent leader in world.

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