The privacy of our information consumers is paramount to us. We strictly adhere to ‘No-Harm-Rule’ vis-à-vis protection of users’ data. In compliance to our transparency principle, we rely on following types of data of our users:

  • Cookies: Necessary for website functions and appearance. Users can disable cookies anytime using their browser’s settings.
  • Log files. Limited to not personally identifiable logs, such as IP addresses, browser types, ISP/OSPs information, data, and time, gathering demographic information, clicks to analyze trends, movements on the website, etc.
  • Google Analytics: To understand the users’ behaviors and demographics.

Our users can also contact us with regards to sharing any information, which will be kept highly confidential and for the internal processing and analyses. Before making any information public, individual consents will be sought from the users.

If you want to collaborate or learn more about our work please write to us at: disinfo@disinformation.asia