A photo of two injured policemen went viral on social media claiming that 2 policemen were beaten by a woman and admitted to hospital. It was claimed that these policemen were beaten up by a woman because they tried to rape her. It further claimed that the woman escaped safely, she was transferred to hospital after the incident. 

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source




Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we performed a reverse image search. Reverse image search revealed that the picture dates back to 13th June 2022 amid chaos between Bangladesh National Party protestors and police.

(Screenshot from Kalerkantho website)




False Context/ Misleading



Our fact-check confirmed that an irrelevant picture was shared with a false context to mislead internet users. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent accounts and pages on Facebook are involved in spreading misinformation on social media. 
Behavior The false news of two policemen being beaten up by a woman was circulated.
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeThe content is being spread to misinform people, the target audience of the news was the general public of Bangladesh and misinformation was mainly spread through Facebook.  
Effect Uncertainty and fear were caused by the outbreak of this fake news. Women showed concerns about their safety in the country.