Singer Samikshya Adhikari filed a complaint accusing actor Paul Shah of raping her. Another complaint for raping a 17 years old minor was filled against Paul Shah under sections 219 (1) and (2) of the criminal code. Multiple videos from a Facebook page are getting viral claiming that film star “Paul Shah” is released from jail.

(Screenshots from Facebook posts)

Debunked Source



Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we searched for keywords “Paul Shah Rape Case” on google search engine and found that hearing on 24th August, 2022 by Nawalpur District court had scheduled hearing regarding charges on rape till 4th September, 2022, Paul Shah will remain imprisoned in Tanahun District Jail till further verdict is given by court.

(Screenshot from Nepal News website)







False Context/Misleading 



Our factcheck confirmed that false claims regarding release of Paul Shah were being spread on social media since July 2022. General public also believes that Paul Shah is falsely accused in a rape case for defamation.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent social media accounts are involved in spreading misinformation on social media. 
Behavior A fake news of rape accused Paul shah being released is circulating on social media. 
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeNo synthetic means are being used to make the content viral. The target audience of the post is the general public. 
Effect The shared video is being circulated to mislead the public. Many users showed grievances for his release while the majority believes he is arrested under false charges and must be released immediately.