Madhya Pradesh is all set to witness the first phase of panchayat polls at 8,702 village panchayats on 25th June. The Panchayat elections would be conducted in three phases between 25th June to 8th July which fall under 115 development blocks across the state, as per the state election commission. 

Official page of social media-based news page “Punjab Kesari” claimed that the people in the video were raising slogans ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ (long live Pakistan) in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh, in support of the winning Muslim sarpanch (the head of a village) candidate.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source




Fact Check

In order to investigate the claim, we performed a forensic analysis using key frames search which revealed the same video with similar claims. In order to understand the slogans we reduced playback speed to 0.75x.

Reducing playback speed revealed that people were actually saying ‘Jeet Gaya Bhai Jeet Gaya… Wajid Bhai Jeet Gaya’ and ‘Wajid Bhai Zindabad’. Shaikh Shahid Wajid (Wajid Bhai) is the husband of winning panchayat poll candidate Rahisha Bagam, and the slogans were being raised in support of her husband.







Our factcheck confirmed that the video is being shared to spread disinformation and to fire up communal violence and religious hate. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor An Independent news outlet ‘Kesari Punjab’ is involved in disseminating the misleading content.
Behavior Video with misleading captions is posted to portray the winning candidate is a supporter of Pakistan. 
ContentVideo with misleading captions is posted. 
DegreeThe targeted audience of this disinformation are Muslims residing in India who are prone to be targeted while remedying disinformation. The circulated video is not forged, but it is posted with misleading captions. 
Effect This post enraged social media users, many commented to send them back to Pakistan. Disinformation campaign are created and run by religious extremists across the country targeting religious minorities which leads to hate speech, death threats and mob lynching incidents.