A social media-based news page shared a picture of the list of ministers with offshore assets of 200 billion USD leaked in Panora Papers. The shared picture shows Anura Kumara Dissanayaka, Cabinet Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Lands and Irrigation, on 12th position on the list and opposition leader Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Samurdhi, on23rd position on the list.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)
(English translation of the post)

Debunked Source


Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we checked for Pandora papers leaks released by international consortium of investigative journalists and found that Anura & Sajith are not listed in Pandora Paper leaks. Pandora leaks mentions two politicians from Sri Lanka, who are Nirupama Rajapaksa and former Prime Minister and Presidential Adviser Ramalingam Paskaralingan.

(Screenshot from the ICIJ website)
(Screenshot from the ICIJ website)
  (Screenshot from the ICIJ website)







Our research confirmed that the claim made, amid ongoing protests in Sri Lanka, is baseless and untrue. The supporters of Rajpaska made a false claim in order to defame opposition leaders and blame them for Sri Lanka’s economic crisis.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorA Facebook page is involved in disseminating fake news.
BehaviorBaseless and evidence less assumption is made for opposition ministers for corruption and money laundering and blame them for Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis.  
ContentSocial Media posts.
DegreeThe purpose of spreading fake news against opposition leaders was to blame them for current crisis in the country, it was a part of blame game played by both government and opposition in Sri Lanka. 
EffectMisleading captions and photoshopped images are posted to instill chaos in general public of Sri Lanka regarding ongoing political situation.

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