Amid ongoing communal violence in India after derogatory remarks against the Prophet by Nupur Sharma tons of false news is circulating on social media around the world. 

A social media user posted a video claiming Nupur Sharma got beaten up by the public for her derogatory remarks about the Holy Prophet.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

This video was viewed more than 2 million times.

Debunked Source




Fact Check

We carried out a thorough investigation but did not find any similar video from any other source. The video was first uploaded on YouTube and Facebook on 20th June 2022.

(Keyframes of video)

We searched for keywords “Nupur Sharma Beaten up” and did not find any reports from Indian mainstream media. Nupur Sharma is provided with high security amid death threats. 

(Screenshot from NDTV website)

After a tireless effort, the original video and its source was found. The lady shown in the video is not Nupur Sharma, the video belongs to an old farmers’ protest in India, which lasted for more than a year.  The old video was linked to Sharma amid ongoing violence.








Our fact-check confirmed that an irrelevant video was shared with a misleading context as the lady in the video has facial resemblance with Nupur Sharma.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent social media accounts are spreading disinformation across social media platforms.
Behavior News of Nupur Sharma beaten up by angry crowd in India after her remarks about Prophet Muhammad was shared on social media. 
ContentSocial media posts.
DegreeThe fake news was shared to celebrate the news of Nupur Sharma being beaten up by protestors in India. No synthetic means were used to make the video viral; it grabbed attention of many because of the uncanny resemblance of women in the video. 
Effect The post was widely shared on social media platforms in Pakistan to appreciate the attack on Nupur Sharma. Users applauded it and justified that she deserved this outrage.