In recent news, a video has been circulating on Pakistani social media platforms purporting a paranormal occurrence in China that resulted in a rain of worms falling from the sky. The video has garnered significant attention and has been widely shared across various social media channels.

Debunked Source:





Fact Check:

Inorder to check the claim we analyzed keyframes and performed a reverse image search and found related video on a international twitter handle “The Rio Time”.

Going through comments we found a reply from “Shen Shiwei” Production Editor of China Global Television Network (CGTN) under China Media Group (CMG) who denied the claim.

Further esearch found that The things falling from the sky are not worms, but inflorescences of poplar trees. When poplar flower spikes start to fall, it means that they are about to bloom.




Misinformation/False Context


Based on subsequent investigations and expert analysis, it has been determined that the claims made in the viral video regarding a rain of worms in China were inaccurate and misleading. Further research has revealed that the phenomenon captured in the video was in fact the dispersal of the inflorescences of poplar trees, and not a paranormal occurrence as originally claimed.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Official Main Stream Media Accounts, General Public
Behavior Video from China with False scientific context.
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeThe targeted audience of the post was general public. The disinformation was spread on Twitter mainly. 
Effect The dissemination of false or misleading information through viral videos and social media can have a significant impact on the general public. In this particular case, the video claiming a paranormal phenomenon in China had caused a rain of worms from the sky may have created confusion and concern among those who viewed it. However, the subsequent clarification of the true nature of the phenomenon may have helped to alleviate any anxieties or fears that were initially sparked by the video. Nonetheless, this incident highlights the potential for disinformation to sow misinformation and distrust, and underscores the need for careful scrutiny of information sources and responsible sharing of information.