A video went viral on social media showing a Muslim man refusing to pay electricity bill and urging to steal electricity while threatening the line man. The video gained more than 383K views, and was retweeted by more than 7 thousand accounts. The caption reads as; “I will steal electricity, I will not pay the bill, and if you remove the wire, I will kill or get killed”. Responsible citizen of a peaceful community humbly requests an electricity officer, “From where do they get so much courage?” (Translated from Google)

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

Debunked Source




Using AI assisted tools we extracted key frames of the shared video and performed a reverse image search.

Reverse image search revealed the video dates back to 27th July, 2020 from Karachi, Pakistan amid crackdown against electricity theft in the city. The incident was reported by Karachi Electric Pakistan official Twitter account. 

(Screenshot from Twitter post)



False Context/ Misleading



Our fact-check confirmed that an old video from Pakistan was resurfaced in India with misleading context. It was shared to incite hatred for Muslim community in India.   

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor An Indian journalist is involved in disseminating the misleading content.
Behavior A video from Pakistan was shared with misleading captions to portray that Muslims in India are denying paying bills. 
ContentVideo with misleading captions is posted. 
DegreeThe target audience of this disinformation are Muslims residing in India who are prone to be targeted while remedying disinformation. 
Effect This post enraged social media users, many commented to send them back to Pakistan. Disinformation campaigns targeting religious minorities leads to hate speech and death threats.