A twitter user from India posted a picture which he claims to be from Calcutta. In the video, it is claimed that Muslims are breaking glasses of vehicles on road and Hindus are about to become minority in 8 states of west Bengal.

(Screenshot from the Twitter post)

At the time when data was retrieved the video was retweeted 75 times with 64 likes.

Caption of the post as per Google Translation:

     ““ये विडीयो कलकत्ता का है,

बंगाल में हालात एकदम पाकिस्तान जैसे बने हुए हैं और ये जो गाड़ियों के शीशे तोड़ रहे हैं वो मुल्ले हैं, क्यूं कि इनको सड़क पर बैठ कर रोजे खोलने हैं,एसा पूरे देश में होने में देर नहीं है। 70वर्षो में हिन्दू 8 राज्यों में अल्पसंख्यक होगये।

Translated from Hindi by Google

This video is from Calcutta.

The situation in Bengal is exactly like Pakistan and the people who are breaking the glass of the vehicles are mullahs, because they have to break the fast by sitting on the road, it is not too late to happen in the whole country. In 70 years, Hindus became a minority in 8 states.”

Debunked Source


Fact Check Using AI Assisted tools the key frames from the video were frozen and a reverse image search was conducted. It was found that the posted video dates back to 20th May, 2018 and was originated from Switzerland. The incident was reported[1] by German media, as per the reports After FC Basel’s match against FC Luzern, around 90 hooligans fought a desert brawl in Birsstrasse in Basel. Several people were injured

[1] https://www.bazonline.ch/rund-90-personen-pruegeln-und-randalieren-nach-fcb-match-in-basel-557794973925

(Screenshot from the Twitter post)









Clearly, confusion is being spread by Hindu extremists on social media by linking an old incident in Switzerland with the recent Bengal violence to ignite the fire of religious extremism in the country and the lead general public into further chaos.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorReligious extremists and their supporters on social media are involved in disseminating the misleading content on the world wide web.
BehaviorOld videos with misleading statements are posted by religious extremists to incite religious bigotry and spread more hatred against Muslims in the country through fake news.
ContentSocial Media post, videos with misleading captions are posted.
DegreeMuslims who are minority in India, were especially prone to be targeted while remedying disinformation. Religious extremists and their likeminded people on social media have been organized to spread disinformation.  
EffectDisinformation campaigns are created and run by religious extremists across the country targeting religious minorities which lead to hate speech, death threats and mob lynching incidents.

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