A video is circulating on social media in Pakistan claiming that Muslims are giving Adhan on a street in India amid the ban on using loudspeaker in mosques. It was first posted by a well-known Pakistani journalist Shafi Naqi Jamie on April 27, 2022.

(Screenshot of Twitter post)

A local news channel in Pakistan also reported the incident.

(Screenshot from City42 website)

Debunked Source



Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we extracted key frames of shared video using AI assisted tool.

(Frozen key frames of the video)

Reverse image lookup of a key frame found that dates back to April 8, 2020 with a description and caption as follows:

“Muslim community standing in the middle of the road and praying to Allah”.

“Since India is locked down, all of the temple mosques are bundled. Since India is locked down, all of the temple mosques have been closed”.

Screenshot of original video from YouTube

The video was made during lockdown imposed in India during Covid-19 pandamic.






A video was posted from verified account of Pakistani journalist which claims that Muslims in India are giving Adhan (call for prayer) in streets after Indian government put ban on use of loudspeakers. Our forensic analysis has found that the video is original, it is from India but originally dates back to 8th April, 2020 when Covid-19 pandemic was at peak in India, all mosques and temples were closed for praying, that is when Muslim community gave Adhan in streets. The video was shared from Pakistan after Karauli riots[1] took place and religious extremism was on peak in India.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor Verified twitter account of a Pakistani journalist is involved in disseminating the misleading content on social media.
Behavior Old videos with misleading statement are posted to glorify the act of giving Adhan on streets in India amidst ban on use of loud speakers.
ContentSocial Media post.
DegreeThe purpose of spreading fake news was to glorify the brave action of a Muslim in India who gave adhan on the streets despite ongoing clashes and attacks on religious minorities in India.  
Effect The effect of such news is to criticize the India government for not providing religious freedom to Muslims residing in India, to praise the Muslims of India for their bold actions and standing firm against the injustice. 

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