A verified account of @AbdulhaqOmeri on twitter shared a video on 9th April, 2022 of a Taliban Leader, reciting the holy Quran, with the following caption:

د طالبانو ملا قرآن کریم لولي (په پښتو ژباړه) او وايي چې د الله له لوري لیکل شوي چې اوباما او ټرمپ به افغانستان اشغال کړي خو طالبان به مات شي بیا به د مخنیوي وزارت جوړ کړي او خلک به لمونځ کولو ته مجبوروي.

“Taliban Mullah reads Quran (with translation in Pashto) and says it is written by Allah that Obama & Trump will occupy Afghanistan but Taliban will defeat them and shall install ministry of vice prevention and force people to pray”.

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

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Fact Check

Twitter user Abdulhaq Omeri claimed that the Taliban leader reading Quran said that“it is written by Allah that Obama & Trump will occupy Afghanistan but Taliban will defeat them and shall install ministry of vice prevention and force people to pray”. The claim was verified by a local Pashto speaker and it was found that the Taliban leader didn’t say any such thing as quoted in the tweet, instead, he was relating current affairs of Afghanistan with past incidents that are mentioned in the verses of the Holy Quran. The Talib is actually relating the victory of Taliban and defeat of America as a clash of “Haq” (truth) and “Baatil” (false).

In April, 2022 Abdullah Omeri changed the caption of his tweet to the following after public reacted to the misleading information in the comments.

“دطالبانو یو مشر حماسي د قران کریم پسې هر څه تړي.

دیني عالمان باید ددې سړي په وړاندې غبرګون وښي.

هغه بل یې وګوره سراج حقاني قران نشي لوستی،وايي د کابل کانټنینټل هوټل برید حضرت محمد ص رهبري کولو.

کانټنینټل کې مو چې څومره وحشت وکړ هغه یو الله ته معالوم دی.

Translated from Pashto by Google:

“Hamas, a Taliban leader, has linked everything to the Koran.

Religious scholars should react to this man.

He also said that Siraj Haqqani could not read the Qur’an, adding that the attack on the Kabul Continental Hotel was led by Hazrat Mohammad.

How much horror we have committed in the Continental is known to one God.”

The change made to the post was verified using way back machine which found that the video was posted on 9th April, 2022 and was edited on 10th April, 2022. Nevertheless, the video was shared with a false context both times.

(Forensic analysis of the post)






A verified account on twitter of an Afghan national who is living in Germany is posting false claims associated with Talibans to defame them on national and international platforms.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor     V     erified account of an Afghan journalist is      involved in disseminating the misleading content on social media; mainly on twitter.
BehaviorVideo of Talib is posted with misleading caption to incite hate against him and Taliban in general.      
ContentTwitter post.    
DegreeThe targeted audience of this post was Afghans and all Muslims in particular, the author of tweet portrayed Talib mocking Quran verses by relating Islamic events with current scenarios of Afghanistan.       
EffectThe post caused anger in people, they found it disrespectful towards Islam and sacred verses of Quran. Many twitter users also targeted the author of tweets for misleading the public.      

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