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Haroon Baloch

Program Manager

Haroon Baloch is a Program Manager at Bytes for All (B4A), a leading non-profit organization that focuses on promoting and defending human rights in the digital age.Haroon oversees several projects that Bytes for All runs to advance digital rights in Pakistan and beyond. He is responsible for developing strategies, coordinating with partners and stakeholders, and ensuring that the organization's programs are effective, impactful, and aligned with its mission and values.

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Amjad Qammar

Communication Manager

Amjad Qammar is a Communication Manager at Bytes for All (B4A), he is responsible for developing comprehensive strategies, working closely with partners and stakeholders, and ensuring that the organization's programs are effective and impactful. Amjad has played a vital role in promoting and defending the human rights of marginalized communities in Pakistan and beyond. His dedication and commitment to social justice make him a valuable asset to the organization.

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Arsalan Ashraf

Research and Operation Manager

Muhammad Arsalan is a Researcher and Operations Manager at Bytes for All (B4A), He is a passionate advocate for digital rights and has been actively involved in issues such as online censorship, privacy, and digital security. Arsalan also manages several initiatives aimed at empowering citizen journalists, including his role as project manager of "Pakvoices.pk", a citizen journalist-driven project that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities in Pakistan.

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Anees Qureshi

OSINT Analyst

Anees Qureshi is a OSINT Analyst at Bytes for All (B4A) with extensive experience in cybersecurity, data analysis, and public data research, where he uses his expertise to uncover and investigate cybercrime, censorship, debunking and analyzing false news. Anees is particularly skilled in OSINT tools and techniques, such as debunking false news and social media analysis. Anees is always ahead of the curve, constantly exploring new technologies and techniques to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Ghazala Naeem

Digital Forensic Expert

Ghazala Naeem is a dedicated Digital forensic Expert at Bytes for All (B4A), With a passion for accuracy and truth, Ghazala diligently verifies information and scrutinizes claims to ensure the dissemination of reliable and verified content. Her commitment to upholding journalistic integrity and combating misinformation is commendable. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of digital media, Ghazala plays a vital role in empowering individuals with accurate information in the digital age.

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Asif Iqbal

Technology Expert

Asif Iqbal, an IT expert and technologist at Bytes for All (B4A), brings extensive experience in information technology. With a focus on exploring new technologies & implementing innovative solutions, Asif is dedicated to streamlining operations and fostering growth. He excels in designing secure, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure for organizations. Committed to driving meaningful change, Asif utilizes his expertise to create a better, more accessible & secure internet for all.

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Fatima Khalid

Research Officer

Fatima Khalid is a dedicated researcher at Bytes for All (B4A), specializing in diverse areas of study. With a strong academic background, she brings expertise in conducting in-depth research, data analysis, and generating valuable insights. Fatima's research focuses on the intersection of technology, human rights, and social impact. Her passion lies in advocating for digital rights, promoting inclusivity, and addressing the challenges faced by marginalized communities. Through her work, Fatima strives to create a more equitable and inclusive digital landscape for all.