A video went viral with a claim that cake manufactured by “Luppo” company has arrived in the market and is being sold in Hindu majority areas, it furthers claims that cake consists of a pill that can paralyze children.

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Debunked Source





In order to verify the claim, we searched for keywords “Luppo cake” on google search engine and found official website of “Luppo Arabia”

(Screenshot from Luppo Arabia website)

“Luppo” is a brand name of a Turkish manufacturers Şölen incorporating brands such as Biscolata, Ozmo, Milango, Boombastic, Luppo, Lokkum and Nutymax, which have achieved formidable success worldwide, Şölen exports over 200 product types to over 120 countries from the USA to Belgium, from Japan to the Maldives. Şölen also has regional offices in Dubai, Algeria, Azerbaijan, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany and England; and regional directorates in the Levant Region, Canada, China, Latin America.

While performing reverse search we found an article on “Snopes” international fact-check website from November 2019. According to Snopes’ report, there is no evidence that the company that makes the cream bars themselves mixed the pills. Snopes also showed the manufacturing process, safety certificates from the manufacturer of the cream bar. This shows that the viral video has been tampered. Turkey based fact checker “Teyit” verified the video is from Kurdistan.

(Screenshot from Teyit Factcheck website)

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False Context/ Misleading



Our fact-check confirmed that an old video from 2019 was reshared in India with a communal spin. However, the company claims that this was a campaign to discredit the brand and affect its consumers in India.

  1. ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis
Actor Propagandists and religious extremists on social media are involved in disseminating the misleading content on the world wide web. 
Behavior Old videos with misleading statements are posted by religious extremists to incite religious bigotry and discredit an international brand in the country through fake news. 
ContentSocial Media posts.
DegreeThe target audience of this post were Hindus, as it stated that these products are being sold in Hindu majority areas. 
Effect Many users pledged to boycott the products and also blamed Muslims for conspiring against Hindu children.