Former Bharatiya Janata Party spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, made a controversial statement regarding Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a discussion on a private news channel. Sharma’s statement sparked a major controversy. It is now being claimed on social media that Nityananda Swamy’s Kailasa Desha has also condemned the statement.

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

Debunked Source



  1. Fact Check

Kailasa is a nation with physical territory located in the western corner at the top of the South American continent near Ecuador. It is a small island that “Nithyananda Swami” purchased off the coast of Ecuador and has declared it an independent new nation for Hindus. Kailasa is not yet recognized as a country by the United Nations nor has any Embassy from any country.

In order to investigate the claim, we searched for keywords “Kailasa” on Google and came across the official website of the Kailasa Government.

(Screenshot from Kailasa official website)

From their official website we found an official twitter account used by Kailasa Government and found it to be different from which the claim was posted. While checking posts we came across a clarification by Kailasa Government denying the claim. 

(Screenshot from Twitter post)







Our fact check confirms that the viral post of ministry of Affairs Kailasa was fake. Kailasa did not make any official statement on Nupur Sharma case. The government of Kailasa also announced no attribution with the account that was impersonating to be of foreign ministry Kailasa. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor A fake account pretending to be of Foreign Ministry of Kailasa is the originator of disinformation.   
Behavior A fake account was made to issue a statement on behalf of Kailasa’s government to condemn Nupur Sharma’s statement. 
ContentTwitter post. 
DegreeThe target audience of this disinformation are Muslims, the posts were made in solidarity with Muslims protesting in India and worldwide. It was also targeted towards India, urging it to act against Islamophobia. The account was fake and is suspended now. 
Effect The tweet comes while India is facing severe diplomatic backlash from several Muslim countries. Kailasa is a Hindu sovereign nation, a condemnation from it caused chaos online among the Hindu community.