A set of pictures went viral on social media claiming that Jyoti KC has become the first female astronaut from Nepal. Multiple posts also claim that her original home is Bhaluwang Rapti Gaonpalika-1 of Dang and she is the daughter of Nara Bahadur KC.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

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Who is Jyoti Kc?

Jyoti Kc is a U.S. based Nepalese serving as medical technician in Texas Air National Guard (136th MDG), United States of America.

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In order to investigate the claim, we searched for her name on Facebook and found post from her official account which reads as follows:

“I recently completed Analog Astronaut training and was officially certified as an Analog Astronaut. As the Commander of the Sirius mission and engineer support, I had four crew members from all over the world(the USA🇺🇸, Mexico 🇲🇽, Poland🇵🇱 ) . It was an incredible learning experience for all of us. The training lasted two weeks in Poland, and I was the first Nepali-American 🇳🇵🇺🇸to attend (Lunares research station). 

New technologies, robotic equipment, vehicles, habitats, communications, power generation, design, mobility, Aero and hydro plantation, etc are frequently tested and researched in our roles. Isolation and confinement team dynamics, menu fatigue and other behavioral effects are also observed. I was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And I want to express my gratitude to my parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and the United States Air Force, for all their great assistance. #lunares #spaceismore

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

In her post she mentioned “I was the first Nepali- American 🇳🇵🇺🇸to attend (Lunares research station)”. We searched for “Lunares Research Center” on google search engine and found “Lunares Research Center” official Website. The website of Lunares Research Center clearly mentions “It is a research program – not astronaut training” regarding Analog Astronaut program.

Website also mentions fees & criteria for participation in the research program.

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(Screenshots from LunAres research station website)

(Screenshot from Facebook post)



What is an analog mission?




Misinformation/ False Context



Our fact-check confirmed that Jyoti KC is not nominated as the first female Nepali astronaut, but actually she participated in a research program in a space mission simulation by Lunares research station. Its sole purpose is to support scientific and technological developments in crewed space exploration.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis 

Actor Independent social media accounts are involved in spreading disinformation.
Behavior The false news of Jyoti being the first Nepali woman to become astronaut is being circulated on social media. 
ContentSocial Media posts. 
DegreeThe news of Jyoti attending a research program was twisted with a misleading claim. Misinformation was spread on Facebook mainly, followed by Twitter.
Effect The disinformation was shared to mislead people.