A video circulating on social media claims that people chanted “Jiye Bhutto” slogan as Bilawal Bhutto entered the Holy Mosque, Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, in Madinah, Saudi Arabia. This video has been shared by multiple users, who are debating that such slogans and chanting are a source of disrespect towards thet the Holy Mosque and are thus unacceptable.

Screenshot of the post from Twitter

A local news website also reported the incident.

Screenshot of the news website

Debunked Source





Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we extracted key frames of the viral video using AI assisted tools.

Reverse image of a key frame found same video shared by PPP Senator Rubina Khalid with a different sound track which claimed that the shared video is doctored.

Screenshot of PPP Senator Rubina Khalid’s post

Forensic Analysis

In order to detect doctored video, we compared the extracted      Metadata from both the videos.

Original Audio

We extracted a wave graph of original video and found sound wave from the starting to the end of video.

Doctored Audio

We extracted a wave graph of doctored video and found that the starting part of the video has no sound, doctored audio is applied when the person moved his camera towards Bilawal Bhutto.




Disinformation/ Propaganda


Through forensic analysis we have confirmed that the video circulating on social media with slogans is doctored and fake. The fake video aims to create propaganda against PPP representative Bilalwal Bhutto by showing that he has encouraged his supporters who have disrespected the holy mosque.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorVerified twitter account and news outlet are involved in disseminating fake and misleading content about political party; Pakistan people’s party.
BehaviorDoctored and edited videos with fake voiceover are posted are posted and circulated widely on Facebook and Twitter. 
ContentSocial Media posts, doctored videos with misleading captions.
DegreeDoctored videos are causing heated debates among rival political party supporters.
EffectIt is a part of blame game played by government and opposition parties to bring the rivals down. Doctored videos that go viral on social media cause heated arguments among party supporters.  

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