An image is going viral on the internet of people burning the Indian Flag. Furthermore, by sharing the image on social media, users are targeting the Indian Muslim community.

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

Debunked Source


Fact Check

We performed a reverse image search of the images shared in the post. Reverse search revealed that the shared pictures are not from India but from Lahore, Pakistan, amid protest against derogatory remarks of Nupur Sharma against the Holy Prophet. The incident was reported by national/international media i.e., Al Jazeera, Washington Post, Independent etc.

(Screenshot from Washington post website)









Our fact-check confirmed that a picture of Muslims burning Indian Flag from Pakistan was being affiliated with Indian Muslim Community to mislead and to trigger communal violence between Hindu and Muslim community in India. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

Actor Independent Twitter account is involved in disseminating disinformation.
Behavior Picture of the burning Indian flag was associated with Muslims protesting in India with misleading captions. 
ContentSocial media posts. 
DegreeThe pictures are not edited; the actual incident took place in Lahore during a protest against Nupur Sharma’s statement. The target audience of this post is Muslim community of India. 
Effect The post was widely shared on social media in India by religious extremists and patriots, accusing Indian Muslims as terrorists and Pakistani backed anarchists.