Guddu Thermal Power Station is a 640-megawatt gas fired power project. It is located in Sindh, Pakistan. The project is currently active. It has been developed in multiple phases.

A video of a burning power plant claimed as “Guddu Power Plant” was shared with the following context: “This is Guddu Power Plant. This Rs 15 billion power plant was set on fire to benefit Salman Shahbaz’s (Younger son of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif) solar energy business!!”

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

(Screenshot from Twitter post)

Debunked Source


Fact Check

In order to investigate the claim, we extracted key frames of the shared video and performed a reverse image search. 

(Frozen keyframes of the video)

The search revealed that the viral video dates back to 15th February 2021 from Herat, Afghanistan, amid massive explosions that destroyed over 100 fuel tankers.

(Screenshot from India TV website)





Disinformation/ Propaganda



Our fact-check confirmed that the viral video dates back to 15th February, 2021 from Afghanistan. The video was shared in a false context to mislead general public against current ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N). The video was widely shared by the supporters of opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in order to defame the ruling political party by conveying the message that they are damaging national assets to benefit their personal business. 

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorIndependent social media accounts on Twitter are involved in disseminating disinformation. 
BehaviorFake news of Guddu power plant set on fire to benefit personal gain of Sharif family is shared.  
ContentSocial media posts. 
DegreeThe targeted audience was the general public, the false claim was widely shared on Twitter. No synthetic means were used to make content viral. 
EffectThe aim of circulating such news is to mislead the general public. Circulating the disinformation is part of bringing rival parties down and to change public sentiments against the ruling government.