A video was widely shared on social media from India showing visuals of flood in Karachi, Pakistan. The caption reads as: “Terrible flood situation in Pakistan!! God have mercy.”

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source




In order to verify the claim, we extracted keyframes performed a reverse image search of the shared video.

(Frozen keyframes of the video)

Reverse image search revealed that the video is from Japan tsunami in November 03, 2011.

(Screenshot from the YouTube video)




False Context/ Misleading


Our factcheck confirmed that viral video is not a video of recent floods in Pakistan. Old video of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 was reshared with a false context to mislead people.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorIndependent social media accounts from India are involved in circulating disinformation.
BehaviorAn old video from Japan when it was hit by tsunami was associated with recent floods in Pakistan.
ContentSocial Media posts.
DegreeNo synthetic means were used to make content viral. The content was mainly shared on Facebook.
EffectThe shared video is being circulated to mislead the general public about floods in Pakistan and create chaos.    

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