Introduction A Facebook page ‘Mani’s Fan Page’ along with other users on Twitter shared a video of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Core Members gathering where Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Leader Waseem Akhter is defaming Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif

(Screenshot from the post)
(Screenshot from the post)

Debunked Source






Fact Check

Using AI Assisted Tool we extracted the key frames of the posted video

We found that the original video was initially posted from official account of Senator Sherry Rehman. The duration of the clip is 17 seconds only with following caption

“Joint Opposition team with the growing number of MNAs who agree with us that Pakistan cannot go on this way. #GameOverIK

(Screenshot from the post)

Our forensic examination of video proves that the video shared by social media user is doctored, 17 second of video was looped to repeat for 01:52 minute with false voice-over.


Doctored/Voice-Over Video


Independent social media users are circulating a doctored voice-over video, on Facebook and Twitter, of opposition leader to mislead the supporters of opposition parties and start a new debate on social media. The video was a part of an effort to spread disinformation about the PDM – joint of all opposition parties of Pakistan.

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