In December 2022, EU Disinfo lab released a report[1] “Indian Cronicles”; covering a massive disinformation campaign by India to undermine Pakistan on world forums. According to the report, more than 750 Indian backed websites spread across 119 countries have been working to sabotage Pakistan’s image since the 15 years inside the European Union and the United Nations. An insightful examination by EU DisinfoLab uncovered that the Srivastava Group launched and supported the activity while Indian new organization ANI helped in boosting it. The mission began in 2005 and is still in progress.  ISPR has accused India time and again for sabotaging peace[2] in Balochistan, supporting Baloch militants groups[3] and running campaigns against Pakistan government and military on social media. This report is an effort to debunk the disinformation campaign from India against Pakistan.

[1] https://www.disinfo.eu/publications/indian-chronicles-deep-dive-into-a-15-year-operation-targeting-the-eu-and-un-to-serve-indian-interests/

[2] https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/748473-mounting-indian-threats-to-cpec

[3] https://www.geo.tv/latest/318529-staying-silent-no-longer-an-option-for-pakistan-or-region-fm-qureshi

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