Over the decade in Bangladesh, there have been various cases where the misuse of social media platforms had turned into a security concern. Beginning from the occurrence in Ramu (2012) to Bhola (2019) there have been a number of assaults on minority communities prompted by social media platforms and related bits of hearsay. False news of a child abduction has triggered mob assaults on 30 individuals in 2019 – assaults which prompted the killing of 8. Like the rest of the world, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh also was survivor of extreme Covid-19 related disinformation. A huge piece of this is an impact of the surge of digital news outlets and social networking platforms. The effects were apparent in the Shahbagh Movement in 2013, the Quota Reform Movement and the Road Safety Movement in 2018. The tools that engage individuals additionally empower them to create chaos, disarray and instability. Social networking platforms have turned into a center of deception, disinformation, hate speech and rumors. In view of this specific circumstance, this report aims to reveal insight into the state of disinformation in Bangladesh and debunk the false claims through detailed forensic analysis.

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