A video was widely shared on social media claiming that the video is of a communal attack in Bhairab Upazila of Kishoreganj. Eight Hindu homes and shops were attacked and set on fire. (Screenshot from Facebook post) (Screenshot from Twitter post) Debunked Source https://www.facebook.com/100080623638353/videos/5498671523526545 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=629674725139632 The first attack, Militants attacked, vandalized and torched eight Hindu […]

Some news went viral on social media claiming: “If a woman wears provocative clothing, the complaint of sexual harassment will not be taken into account”. (Screenshot from Facebook post) Debunked Source https://bit.ly/3V0DJ66 https://bit.ly/3rslvge https://bit.ly/3y6wwHt Fact Check In order to verify the claim, we searched for keywords “If a woman wears provocative clothing. Then the complaint of […]

Due to the global fuel crisis, the Bangladesh government has issued various instructions including shutting down petrol pumps for one day a week to save fuel in the country. A post has been widely spread through social media that 16 petrol pumps have been closed in Sylhet due to lack of fuel, and the rest […]

A troll went viral on social media quoting a statement by Telecommunication Minister, Mustafa Jabbar, that there are 18 crore internet users in Bangladesh, while the total population of Bangladesh is 16 crore. The claim went viral after the census report 2022. According to the preliminary report of census and house enumeration, the population of […]

Video of Muslim students chanting Hindu prayer in an educational institution is going viral on social media. The video claims that Hinduism has been infiltrated into schools and madrassas in Bangladesh through prayer in educational institutions. (Screenshot from Facebook post) Debunked Source https://www.facebook.com/100008976721560/videos/3270069989985592/ https://www.facebook.com/100011729297463/videos/376925094576152/ In order to investigate the claim, we searched for a logo […]

Amid protests against former Bharatiya Janata Party’s spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, a social media user from Bangladesh shared a claim that India has been removed from the security council of United Nations. The post was shared multiple times, and people appreciated the removal of India. (Screenshot from Facebook post) Debunked Source https://bit.ly/3RJko6q https://bit.ly/3T7d71w Fact Check In […]