A video of Taliban lashing a woman was widely shared on Twitter with the hashtag #BanTaliban and the caption “Real Face of Taliban”. (Screenshot from Twitter post) Debunked Source Real Face of Taliban#BanTalibanhttps://t.co/j5uWaPfFd0 — Ihtesham Afghan (@IhteshamAfghan) July 21, 2022 Fact Check In order to investigate the claim, we extracted keyframes of the shared video […]

A verified account of @AbdulhaqOmeri on twitter shared a video on 9th April, 2022 of a Taliban Leader, reciting the holy Quran, with the following caption: د طالبانو ملا قرآن کریم لولي (په پښتو ژباړه) او وايي چې د الله له لوري لیکل شوي چې اوباما او ټرمپ به افغانستان اشغال کړي خو طالبان به […]

A twitter user shared a video on 8th April, 2022 claiming that Afghan migrants are being brutally beaten up by the Iranian Armed Forces. Debunked Source https://twitter.com/RahmatAndar1/status/1512444316517548042 Archive https://web.archive.org/web/20220411220647/https://twitter.com/RahmatAndar1/status/1512444316517548042 Fact Check Using AI assisted tools the keyframe was frozen and a reverse image search was conducted Through forensic analysis it was revealed that the video […]

A twitter user @Arman_Pashtun from Pakistan shared three pictures on 9th April, 2022, with hashtag #StopHarassingAfghanRefugeesInIran, claiming that Afghan migrants are being mistreated and beaten up by the Iranian Armed Forces which is a violation of basic human rights. The same images were posted from multiple accounts on Twitter, their links are given below: https://twitter.com/iihtishamm/status/1512604265101115403 […]

Introduction: In Afghanistan, Taliban have collected thousands of mobile phones belonging to civilians. They were captured stepping on them as a way of destroying them. The citizens were captured in the background of the video just standing there watching them destroy these mobile phones. Video claims that Taliban are so heavily armed that none of […]