A social media user posted a claim that “Bangladesh’s education standard is 122nd among 138 countries which is the lowest in Asia”.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)

Debunked Source



Fact Check

In order to verify the claim, we checked for the United Nation Development Program Global Knowledge Index 2021 and found the claim to be invalid. Bangladesh was ranked 120 out of 154 countries while Chad ranked 154 lowest in GKI Index.

(Screenshot from UNDP Global knowledge index)

Comparing Bangladesh Vs Southeast Asian Countries, as per GKI Index 2021 Afghanistan remained the lowest in Southeast Asia.

(Screenshot from UNDP Global knowledge index)







Our fact-check confirmed that Bangladesh is not ranked lowest in Global Knowledge Index 2021, the claim is invalid and false.

ABCDE Framework-Based Analysis

ActorIndependent social media accounts are spreading misinformation across social media platforms.
BehaviorA ranking of global knowledge index is shared widely on the internet.
ContentSocial media posts.
DegreeA baseless ranking of global index was shared on Facebook, the ranking was forged to picture bad quality education in Bangladesh and incompetence of the current government.
EffectThe post is targeted to create panic among the general public and to criticize the government for not focusing on education quality. The post was shared widely on social media platforms and users highly criticized the government.